It’s been a struggle. I’ve felt chained, and not in a good way.


After months of trying to incorporate my personal thoughts and feelings with the announcements of my new releases, excerpt postings, and hosting other authors, I have given up the battle.

It doesn’t work. Not for me.

Here is my brand, spanking  (grin) new blog. It is solely for my musings, thoughts, little stories, and whatever might pop up from my submissive soul.

I hope you’ll follow me. It’s not easy starting from scratch. My previous WP blog had reached 250,000 visits, and I had to leave it all behind when I created the website and the blog was imported. With your help and support, I’m hopeful it will find its feet, and we can share our divine, decadent, delicious D/s world.

It’s why I started the blog in the first place!

Thank you, may the tawse be with you, and remember—

There is no greater freedom, than giving up control.