Anticipation: one of the most powerful tools in the Dominant’s arsenal.


It’s late afternoon and she is busy working. There are emails that must be answered, people she must call. The phone rings, and for the umpteenth time that day she answers, cradling the receiver against her shoulder as she opens a file.


“There’s a package waiting for you on the bed.”

Her heart skips. Her tummy tumbles. Does anyone see the hot flush on her face? She wriggles as she feels the sudden dampness already moistening her pretty pink panties.

“Be ready by 6 p.m.”

The call abruptly ends.

The box could contain any number of things. Lingerie, shackles, a paddle, perhaps an envelope with instructions about what she must be wearing as she waits. There will be no focus for the remainder of the day, at least, not on work.

Her mind will wander. Will she be sitting comfortably the next day, or squirming, secretly enjoying the reminder of his hot hand?  Will he shackle her wrists and tease her mercilessly until she is begging for her release? Will the flogger land its many tongues across her plump, soon-to-be-red, backside?

The control begins long before she finds herself kneeling, long before her Master is running his fingers down her arm, as she stands, blindfolded, tingling with anticipation.

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